Manuscript 2

A word for Everyone Sage was a bit angry this morning and when I asked why, he told me that this present day generation has refused to make exploits in their various areas of focus. Sage reminded me of Dr Dyer Wayne( died August 29,2015) speech on “The Shift”. He urged us to go out […]

The manuscript

This is written with a deep thought with the “sage”. When explaining the meaning of life, we forgot to express it as  personal. ***There are many definitions of life but sage said that life is better felt and experienced than defined. Life is beyond definition(s) of words or books. Life is better experienced than taught. […]

Properties of Materials(QTS 104) 2nd quiz. 15mrks.

Ensure to write your reference number, name and phone number. Submit online before monday. Each carries equal marks. You must not copy others work. Be genuine to earn more marks. All the best. Qst 1. What is distemper? How is it applied to the surface? Write down the properties of distemper. Qst2. Comparison  between clamp […]

Airtel Nigeria has announced a strategic partnership agreement with Genesis (

Airtel Nigeria has announced a strategic partnership agreement with Genesis (, leading global mobile Internet company to provide customers on the telecoms network with an amazing opportunity to access and surf on and for free, without data charges and at an absolutely zero-rate. Recall that is a digital content website with large […]