An Eagle has left us

The exit of an eagle, my grandpa. An oroko has fallen named Pa.Joseph Nosakhare Ikhinmwin Evbonu. We will miss you so much.

A man of great virtues, a man of stern statue. His presence brings wisdom and awe.

Growing up was fum in his presence. Grandpa used to love killing rams for any celebration. He was popularly known as “baba Ikpoba-Hill”.

Grandpa would pick up a phone call and first thing he would say is ” baba please!”; he always stressed it and this made us laughed.

I’m sorry grandpa for I was always away even when you intended seeing me. I never knew you’ll go so soon.

I thought I would see you and buy you some gifts when I returned from Kogi state.

The most interesting part is that I was the first grand child delivered in his house in ikpoba-hill. I was told of how the rain fell and I was on cold. They thought I would fall sick, I never did.

Grandpa always called me “Adolo”. He loved the name and I never asked why.

I wished this post could rally my love for this strong man.

For you grandpa. I’m sorry for not honouring the 2016 Christmas visitation.

From your grandson.

 R.I.P grandpa and grandma… We shall miss you both 

          Comr. Asemota Princewill

         A.K.A ” Adolo”


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