A sure mind

A sure mind

A return from the mind of a sage.
What’s a sure mind? Note: only kingdom citizens have this kind of mind
1) A sure mind thinks of its neighbour as itself.
2) It rejects condemnation of any leader/ruler at any point in time.
3) It criticizes based on laid down truths not just facts.
4) It gives without waiting on returns.
5) It loves when there is every tendency(ies) to hate.
6) It entertains criticism.
7) It is confidence to change the world.
 ”  Sage said that the world only needs 10 sure minds to change it for good”.
8) The surest of mind always know what to do and say.
“Sage reminded me of people’s assertion on this but he’ll always tell them that his Heavenly father always knows what to do so must he”.
9) Don’t forget that a sure mind fears God/Allah.
Sage words are practical and true!
I’ll surely write more when he speaks again….
        Comr. Prince Asemota(II) 


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