The manuscript

This is written with a deep thought with the “sage”.
When explaining the meaning of life, we forgot to express it as  personal.
***There are many definitions of life but sage said that life is better felt and experienced than defined.

Life is beyond definition(s) of words or books. Life is better experienced than taught.
Sage said we’ve so forgotten when God said we were made in His own image  and likeness!  The likeness if God is supreme. 
God wants us to explore the world with Kingdom Benefits. He wants His children to enjoy Heaven’s Benefits while on earth.

During my conversation with sage:
1. Life will only give you that which you need.

2. Life is like a magnet; you attrack from it what you desire.

3. The power  house of the body is the ” mind”.

4. He said, ” don’t forget the law of Karma”- what so ever you sow, you shall reap.

5. He urged humans to look at life from a divine perspective.

6. He reminded me of the law of attraction.

7. One question he asked me was ” what do you want from life?” .
8. Don’t ever look down on yourself; you worth much more.
9. Sage warns: people will wanna talk you down, he said stand up and believe in the power from with in.
Sage words are divine and forever practical!
Please keep with care.
I’ll surely write more when he speaks again.
                    Comr. Prince Asemota(II)


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