Biography of succeeder

Born Akpusugh Daniel Benson popularly known as succeeder hails from Kwande L.G. of Benue State


Succeeder was born on the 21/Dec/1994. He left Benue State to Edo State, Benin City to continue his musical career.

Succeeder is the founder of Capital Mark Music(CMM) and a Double Edge Record Artiste.

He released his first promotional album titled ” The Introduction” on the 8/12/2014 in VIP GUEST HOUSE Adikpo, Benue State.



1. fine fine girl (produced by Otwo D’razor)

2. My Desire ( produced by  Otwo D’razor)

3. Sexy Uvbi ft. DJ LY ( produced by  Otwo D’razor)

4. Dance Hall (produced by Otwo D’razor)

5. Fine fine girl(free style)(produced by  JEP)

He also did a song with Young Star titled ” baby Jo funmi (31st Jan, 2016)  produced by  Otwo D’razor.

Contact Succeeder :


Twitter: @iamsucceeder

Facebook page: Succeeder

Phone numbers : +2348172952864 ,  +2347058469299


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