8 Ways To Know Your Girl is Cheating on You


Absolutely speaking:
How do you know that your girl is Cheating on you?

Below are 8 Ways you can know she is absolutely flirting…

1) When your girl makes up excessively either in your presence or otherwise.


2) When your girl receives/makes much calls.

3) When your girl starts complaining about your
      Sex rate/life.
4) When your girl start ignoring your calls and 
     You ask, she says ” I was with my mum”.
5)When your girl gives excess excuses.
6) when she starts demanding much.
7) when she stores your contact with your real 
   name(e.g. John).
8) when she removes your picture(s) from her social pages(s).


#when all of these or any of these is/are noticed in your date life. Oh boy run for your life before it’s too late..


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