Dear LIB readers; biko give this person advice for her friend


A LIB reader sent this in. Read below…

“My friend had a salary account with one of our Nigerian banks over 2 years ago. she stopped using it around late 2012. Recently got a call from the bank that she is indebted to them (without running a facility) and her account balance currently exceeds N250k. This is an account she expects to go dormant after 6months. She was told she had an outstanding balance of N1,800 as cot charges and becos she didnt pay it off, the account was not closed and the bank kept charging her account every month.

My question is if she had no outstanding and just about N2,000 in that account, would bank charge such interest rate and raise that kinda value over that period of time. My Granny died in january and her account was emptied in February by a bank official, thats 3 months before the poor woman was laid to rest.

I now know why people say if you want to be closer God, banking is not the profession to be in. Abeg LIB readers, what should my friend do?


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