What makes a woman more superior to another? Childbrith or nurture? – LIB reader writes


A LIB reacts to the poster shaming women who gave birth through C-section. Read below…


My name is Chioma Adibe Onwusika, I am an actress and a model. I am writing you as regards a post I read on your blog yesterday from “Disciples of The New Dawn” in quote “Face the Facts: you didn’t really give birth, you caught a lucky break, please show respect to superior women who actually had what it took to get the job done”.
This post states that women who gave birth naturally are superior to those who probably due to one medical condition or the other had no other option than to go through C-Section. I am 31 with two lovely daughters, I have tasted the two sides of the coin.
I almost lost my first daughter whom I gave birth to through the natural way if not for God’s grace. I was in labour for 18hours and I pushed for almost 5hours, by the time my jewel came out, she was white and pale, she didn’t cry, the nurses and doctors beat her right, left and centre but she was so weak, I carried her, raised her unto God and prayed, miraculously she cried after some hours. We were in the hospital for 8days because she was receiving an antibiotic injection. chief doctor later apologised saying they would have given me the option of a C-Section.
I gave birth to my second baby through a C-Section because my water broke inside my stomach and I wasn’t dilating, the baby’s heartbeat was dropping, I was rushed to the theatre, I was given an epidural and was awake during the whole process, the baby cane out, she cried her lungs out, three days later I carried my baby home.
The fact is that the simple truth remains this: one woman is given the natural ability to give birth by God, a gift.
The other woman is handed a team gifted by God with the ability to aid a woman without the natural ability to give birth safely, saving the lives of both mother and child, another gift.
This is why we are human beings, perfect in some, imperfect in others, but all working together to produce perfection and thereby focusing on the more important things of life; being real mothers by successfully nurturing our children to adulthood.



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