Bomb explod checkpoint o foreign minis

   A roadside bomb bla two police officers ne ministry in downtown according to security Egyptian media.


   The blast also injuredseveral civil neighbourhoodof Boulaq Abu Eila, over the governmentbuilding .
     Security officials speakingunderc the AP newsagency thatthe road policecheckpointnear the backe ministry building.
     There was no immediateclaim of Bombingsand shootingscarried o have killed Egyptian police and sol president Mohammed Morsiof the year.
     The attackshave mostly targeted Sinai Peninsula, butmore recently and remoteparts of the country.
     EgyptianPresidentAbdel Fattah al general at the head of the coup, h internationalcriticismfor Morsi’s Sisi’s governmenthas also unleas on Islamiststhathas killedmore t more than 20,000. Non-religious have also beensilenced.
(FRANCE 24 with AP, Reuters)


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