Here’s the list:
#5: $78,000


expecting when you read the title, but this bad body over her sold for $78,000 back in 2011 at the Augusta Auctions in NYC.


#4: $95,319
finest and luxurious fabrics, Dormeuil, launched the Vanquish II fabric at the opening of their base in India. The fabric was used to create the $95,319 suit. The Dormeuil luxury range comprises of six kind of ultra-premium fabrics like the Vanquish II, Royal Qivuik, Kirgzy White, Ambassador, Dorsilk and Fifteen Point Eight.


#3: $101,860
This Luxury suit designed by Alexander Price is sold at just over $100,000. It takes 80 hours to complete and it contains over 5000 individual stitches. The fabric is made out of a special wool from two animals you’ve probably never heard of: the vicuña and the qiviuk.


This is probably the most expensive piece suit you’ll find on the market. Designed by Stuart Hughes of Manchester the price tag is close to #830,000. This suit took 800 hours to create and it is made of cashmere, wool, silk and, you guessed it, diamonds, to be precise 480 single cut 0.5cts that are strategically places around the exterior of the suit. Only 3 pieces will be made.

but wait, there’s more…

#1:  $1,000,000 | Million Dollar Dandy


If you want to look like a million bucks here’s what you have to do: just spend $1million.  Frosdick of London launched a program called “Million Dollar Dandy” which at the price of, you guessed it, 1 million dollars they take care of entire apparel. For your money you’ll get in return 14 bespoke Saville Row suits, 28 bespoke dress shirts, 28 custom silk ties, 14 pairs of shoes, an “elegant selection of smoking jackets and dressing gowns”. The smoking jackets and dressing gowns are accented with diamonds and precious metals and they include the Million-Dollar Dandy crest. But, wait! Frosdick of London will also commission the Queen of England’s nephew, Viscount David Linley, who happens to be a furniture designer, to make you a customized wardrobe in the wood of your choice to house your new clothing collection. Last, but certainly not least, your million-dollar collection will include a personalized motorcar hand built by Bristol. Of course, you’ll have to head to London for the fittings for your tailor-made million-dollar wardrobe, but it’s no doubt well worth the trip.



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