Mapping the Lyrical Essay

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In the spirit of holiday fun, from guest blogger Nina Gaby:  I thought it would be a good idea to take a break and actually sketch out whatever it was that I thought I was doing with the rewrite. (Besides stopping to make up a playlist with Paul Simon’s Rewrite shuffled through it a few times.) I was in deep, braiding three story lines, toggling between professional and crazy. I’m a visual girl. Plotting out the neuro-tangles on paper, along with actually acknowledging a 40 year nicotine craving, helped me settle. Besides, taking a break was nice. I had let this thing molder for seven months under the umbrella of boo hoo I’m too depressed/ busy/tired/fat to write any more. Actually sitting in the chair (OK I was in bed but ‘sitting in chair’ has a more authentic writerliness about it) was making me dig at my cuticles (which…

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