Christmas Hopes and Meanings.


Just briefly and incoherently…

Visited a sick priest yesterday afternoon to ask a few questions. Left him feeling more sore than he was full of joy. It was Christmas day and I was well on my way to see my family. I was barely able to contain my excitement, something even the cabbie felt as he drove me to my sister’s house. Happy as I was, something was amiss in my heart and I only realized it when I stepped out of that taxi. So many people weren’t able to celebrate Christmas with their own families this year. Among them sick priests, cab and jeepney drivers, soldiers, salesmen and salesladies, toll operators, doctors, nurses, overseas workers–All of them grease the wheels and make Christmas happen for the rest of us. I can only hope that as the celebratory mood of the season dies down, I’m able to bring Christmas cheer…

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