The love for our families is so unique that I feel like loving all my life.
Am easily carried away with emotions of the heart, that my head receives aches whenever am on this.
Nigeria has been our homeland, but why the killing and corruptions? Why shearing innocent blood?
On my way to the north; it was hectic and the  villagers also made it more complicated for us all.
What a country are we living in? A country of limited love and peace, a country where the rich get richer and poor get poorer.
As late fela said” our people are suffering and smiling”. How long can we continue in this? How long can we bear the pains in our hearts?
If only you can answer this question; it’s so simple yet tough to get along.
Life is not what we thought it to be. We need grace and we need that now.
Lord, please help us to grow strong.
To be continue. ..
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