Adorable poems by manuscript

Above are some of my adorables. Poems have become part of humans expressions. Deep down in us all are poems waiting to explode. We re unique in our different ways. Always be the best you wanna be. Don’t be a prisoner of the mind. Scale high and free as the eagle.

An Eagle has left us

The exit of an eagle, my grandpa. An oroko has fallen named Pa.Joseph Nosakhare Ikhinmwin Evbonu. We will miss you so much. A man of great virtues, a man of stern statue. His presence brings wisdom and awe. Growing up was fum in his presence. Grandpa used to love killing rams for any celebration. He […]

A man of wisdom indeed.

Our professor vice president is a man I have great respect for. He has proven himself worthy of my honour. Please sir don’t relent in your work with our president.  We’re strongly with you Sir.

welcome home Mr. President

We are grateful to God for your successful return. We wish you quick recoveries. Nigerians wanna beg you to fulfil your promises of making Nigeria great again. We’ve suffered enough. Things ain’t working sir. Changing $1=N455 is a good progress unlike the initial $1=N520. We need more progress. We need your promise of making $1=N1. […]

A sure mind

A sure mind A return from the mind of a sage. What’s a sure mind? Note: only kingdom citizens have this kind of mind 1) A sure mind thinks of its neighbour as itself. 2) It rejects condemnation of any leader/ruler at any point in time. 3) It criticizes based on laid down truths not […]